How I Think - After All

Some ask me to evaluate (or review) their innovation, their marketing or their business development.

When I did this for the European Commission they came in as unsolicited submissions…and I needed to read them all.

In the definition phase I read the most exciting stuff first

In the first phase, where kind of definition proposals were submitted I acted like a book editor. I usually put the stuff that excited me at the first pile…I liked the idea, but I needed to assess the commercial potential…often those projects were talked up by "innovation centers"…

In the demonstration phase I assessed after hearing

Those accepted for  demonstration phase needed to submit a more comprehensive proposal and defend it in an evaluation meeting. Among them, some that didn't look so exciting before, because of the push by such a "center". I accepted them, because I knew their "advisors" didn't do it to get us evaluators under pressure…they wanted to help leverage a region…

But, there's the danger that you think you must listen mote to those "scouts". I think, I always managed understanding whether the innovation will work and sell and if the consortium is capable of doing it.

But, finally I felt: 500 projects are enough. Evaluation became craft and less fun.

Do things that matter for those who care

Now, I don't need to read unsolicited submissions. I do nothing without individual interaction. I don't need to listen to scouts. When I'm excited about an innovation, I offer to continue.

It's a few building and exploiting a universe of technologies leading to the transformative development of products and fundamental solutions... Symbolic languages with built-in algorithms, implemented by engines, data and communication services and deployment across all platforms enabling high performance solutions that go where its users go.

It's amazing, how wide the coverage really is: in innovation types, usages and users...

A culture of helping

Helping leverage business development is fun again. I now understand the helping tango much better…

UnRiskAlpha a reference for co-creation

UnRisk innovators at risk analytics and multilateral innovators at investment advisory have combined their technologies to build a next generation Investment Advisory system. UnRiskAlpha helps make risk-informed investment decisions. It runs on tablets accessing a blazingly fast risk server.

It took a few months integrating and it will serve a next generation investment advisoryThink it. Build it. It's so exciting.