Targeting Me

I don't evaluate EC funded innovation projects any longer. About 500 projects are enough. You know, how I think - after all.

So, I don't even think about walking through innovations that I do not find exciting. At the other hand I do things where I'm good at only.

How do good innovators and innovation advisors come together?

My entry in a file of an innovator looking for advice may read:

Exner, Herbert, Exner advice, quant innovations, business development, market risk optimization, financial-, process., manufacturing-industries, computational knowledge,  symbolic and numerical computation, hybrid programming, 6-10 projects a year,

I'm 70 and I can live from the most successful achievements of the past. So, I'm not moving around seeking projects. But, I'm still passionate about new technologies and business development. And, if I find a project exciting, I meet the people behind…

My fun factor

The more exciting the innovations and people behind are the less I charge…and I do not charge for the first entry work in phases where success is uncertain…

Chart your innovation

Send me something about the controlling idea, technology, business expectations…of your innovation.   It may be a candidate for the classic of the future…we'll find it out together. If yes, I'd love to speak for it.

E-mail me