Brand Promise

IMO, a brand promise connects purpose, positioning, team and client experience…It enables a brand delivery connecting with your clients (by head and heart) and differentiate your brand. In short, it's a promise about expectations, stories and relations…all related atop your innovations.

Innovation + Meaning = Brand

Product + Meaning = Brand  is the formula Bernedette Jiwa has derived to explain marketing and brand storytelling. I just substitute product by innovation and with our innovation type's five leaf clover we've the view that helps telling the story that is marketing. Types will save us…they'll manage expectations of clients (and actors)…

Brand is the meaning that clients attach to your innovation…Your prospective clients will choose your innovations if they trust enough in your promises


is about building that trust. What influences the creation of the meaning for your clients?
  • Your worlds view, personality, values, visions...
  • Your communication, voice….
  • Your actions
  • How you build user experiences
  • Your design, imagery, messaging…(often misunderstood as brand)
Remember, you want make people care, build long lasting loyalty, make people feel good about their decisions…