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I've written the book and decided to share it's ideas and recommendations in a new blog (it's in German):


My Motivation

We strive for equilibriums, although we've long since dawned that life, in all possible forms, oscillates between chaos and order. Political life above all.

Policy benefits from the participation of the population. But this is more necessary than direct democracy: complex concepts must be explained in such a way that they're understood by non-experts.

I therefore designed an adaptive policy that works because it is understandable, comprehensible and manageable. Fanned by the discovery of the populations and developed according to the principles of evolution.

Methodologically, I am guided by the experience that a change, a radical innovation, can not at the same time cope with a radical structural and behavioral change. My concept of an evolutionary left therefore takes bonds in innovation.

The innovation itself is changing, but it uses existing familiar familiar instruments. Propagation of the new policy proceeds concentrically, according to the principle of: (the interchange between the core groups) - convection (the flow over the surfaces of political segments) - diffusion (concentric distribution in all areas)

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