EXNeR Advice - Background and Foreground

I am Herbert Exner, I am a mathematician, who is passionate about future technologies and business development.

I worked for large industries and launched my own business, uni software plus, 25 years ago. One of the highlights of my business life: being partner in the UnRisk Consortium, responsible for world-wide markets.

I have a long-term practical experience in managing the interplay of research groups, innovators, product makers and solution integrators. As a generalist, I have helped to automate factories, as well as risk management in financial institutions. What projects have in common? Innovation based on future technologies, like computational mathematics intelligently combined with machine learning, utilizing the new computing muscles.

But I do not only develop businesses on the conceptual level, I love to sell and I sell.

Writing is learning

I write for UnRisk Insight and Mathematics Plugged.

Helping innovators leverage their business

Now, with 35 years experience in developing technology based businesses, I want to help innovators leverage their business. This is what EXNeR Advice is for. I am most happy to continue working for uni software plus and UnRisk

In this hybrid home page and blog I will look with very personal eyes into technology, methodologies, economy, business and finance.

It will not always be in conformance with the general opinion: The Big Joke of Big Data.

Experiences have enriched my life - I hope some of them will do the same for you.