I'm Herbert Exner, and I want to do things that matter for those who care

As an innovator you make the difficult work…but you know it's not easy to do the story that makes the difference for your clients…

I'm here to help you developing world-wide markets, position your innovation, find clients who care, innovate your promotion… My goal is to make your marketing practical…

I like to co-evolute and co-create.

I work with partners who stay relevant to their clients…my job is to translate the value of their innovation into marketing, people like. This embraces partnerships with

uni software plus - Wolfram technologies key account marketing and sales support

UnRisk - business development, marketing and sales support


Change systems that changes behavior is something that you master. But, how to overcome the eager seller - stony buyer principle? When do you listen to focus groups? What do market segments have in common? What means simplify, focus and impute?


I want to share my forty years experience as innovator and business developer as well as evaluator of 500 innovation projects for the European Commission…

Hot topics

Build a product and services compass
Develop a brand promise
Optimize market risk
Value real options


I've applied inherently parallel computing muscles, computational mathematics and machine learning…all not so common in technical business circles.

Market risk optimization is a tool I've established as a business developer. To get more insight I've developed The Innovation Mesh - it helps me to understand the dimension an innovation spans in the business space.


When an innovator invites me for an introductory meeting,  I'm trying to understand the river of the innovation...where it comes from and where it shall go to. Will it work? Will it sell? 

Idea Watch

I read a lot about things that are not on my business focus. This includes macro economics, behavioral understand decision making, based on new practices influenced by psychology, neuroscience and even philosophy, better.

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