Simple Questions

In the previous time period I've read quite a lot of Seth Godin's and Bernadette Jiwa's publications and tried to calibrate their general models into the working space of quant innovation.

It's about unlocking values by storytelling and storydoing…about doing things that matter for/with those who care…

If you've time enough to brood about your topics, matters, contexts and work you always can boil them down to the big controlling ideas and conventions by answering

Simple questions for innovators
  1. What's it for? - if the innovation works what will it change? What tasks will be carried out?  What does it cover, how deep does it go? 
  2. Who are you? - innovations come from teams. Are they innovating as scientists, practitioners, software engineers, artists…? Do they want to be game changers or pop stars? How do they explain what they did? 
  3. Who's it for? - it's difficult for an innovation to change a certain behavior, but impossible to change every. So, who is it made for? What do they think? How do they work? Will they trust you? 
  4. Will it sell wide? - you've identified those who care about your innovation. Will they share the experience? Will they work with you to help stretching and expanding your market segments?
Magically, the more specific you are in your intent, the more probably you will succeed. You need to change behavior, but not too a game changer and educate your clients beyond use training…and you need to know how to make your ideas resonate with your teams, the actors and clients of your innovation.

And don't forget to ask yourself: What and who is it not for? Who are you not?

If you're clear about this and live it - you're ready for a compelling brand story.