In the previous series of posts I've written about values of your innovation unlocked by storytelling/storydoing…about the things that matter for/with those who care.

From Storytelling to Storydoing

In Simple Questions I've boiled down the topics, matters, context and work into questions including Who are you? and Who's it for? because this is the combination that turns storytelling into storydoing. You integrate the medium of people. Clients, actors, partners, remarketers…

You operate your Brand Promise. Consequently storytelling is a responsibility of marketing, but storydoing is a to-do for the entire organization.

A Great Storydoing Innovator

Great storydoers put their story at the center of their business and build it into their innovations. They live what they're for and what they're against.

They are on a quest. And that's not: becoming the biggest and the most profitable…they inspire. And they have defined enemies, like bad services...

How Great Storydoing Quant Innovators fight enemies

Quant innovations can be thrillers. They fight operational enemies by methodology and technology... To fight them quant innovators define constructors and manage progressive problems via white boxes…and give never false comfort about the assumptions of their models and methods.

Great storydoers fight closed-solution enemies by services and full explanation on quantitative theories, models/methods and critical implementations…

They even unleash the programming power behind their innovation and co-create groundbreaking things with clients and partners atop it.

They explain complex concepts to non-experts. It’s an important way to check on yourself, to be sure that your story is at least halfway plausible.

Remember, don't do it alone...