Be A Terroirist

I borrow from wine making: terroir is how a particular vineyard's climate, soil, terrain…affects the taste of a wine. In my definition a terroirist does not cover this influence by artificial ingredients like designed yeast or industrialized cellar techniques (temperature control, reverse osmosis, wood chips…). Terroirists like spontaneous fermentation.

You can taste it. Does it taste like everywhere (or nowhere)? Or, like a "clear mountain spring water with a subtle grape and terroir replication"?

We can extend the idea to our work…the things we are creating and building.

Good innovation is not only about balancing product and behavior changes…its purpose, functions, tasks and flows, the front-ends, the methodologies and technologies, interaction patterns…the client services, the education, the business game rules…shall be a package that's difficult to copy.

The pressure to fit in, to industrialize…is huge…but it removes the essence of our innovations.

Your clients can taste the difference…and feel: "it's not for everybody…it's for us".