Be a Game Changer

I took a few days off and went to Friuli…in concrete the Collio wine region (as many years before). To do nothing else than hiking, reading, wine and dine…How I like the wine region you can read here.  In the p.s. I've mentioned Ronchi Ro…and convinced of their great wines, I stayed there (the first time) during my whole visit.

They offer 5 rooms and 3 wines...They've only about 2.5 ha vineyards and cultivate them for individual  and high quality without compromises (oh yes, they're terroirists). They offer spacious rooms, a breakfast with a selection of local ingredients…their meadow and shadow (under the linden) is yours...

They do not strive for getting picked, they choose themselves…They do things that matter for those, who care...and I've no doubt, they grow healthy.

It's innovation…and it's a great metaphor for innovator's work. It's a better way to move forward. It makes change happen. If you choose yourself, instead of trying to get picked, you create an environment where you can grow with confidence.

Make "wines, rooms, environments…" not profits (would Steve Jobs have said).

Is this the best we can do?

There's this trap of striving for the perfect competence...leading to industrial work…inevitably, you forget to disrupt yourself and you miss possibilities.

Work to get picked, is reactive...if you choose yourself, you set the pace.

A game changer, changes the underlying systems that are causing major problems of our lives and time…in the small or in the large. It's hard work, because a game changer needs to overcome shock, denial, even depression, before the change becomes accepted and finally integrated.