The Trick Is To Represent The Project

I am a marketer at heart. But my trick is not to present the innovator, the maker, the client or the re-marketing partner, I represent the project. I may be called "worldwide business developer", but I speak for the project.

Projects…things to be created, financed and shipped. Sometimes they influence a life, other times, they fade.

Projects, not positions, mark my career.

UnRisk - an exciting project

In the last quarter of the 90s I helped creating a project for the, now UnRisk, team…you can read about the history and achievements here.

Lucky for me, cooperation shifted from one time delivery to long-term affiliation in an exciting project.

It's different building a consortium from conducting someone else's project - you get the idea, see an outcome, share a vision, build the technology, build the tools, plant the seeds for growth, you are selected or rejected, your clients shape you and your ideas, the tools build you, you identify your "dream client"and "dream partner",  you refine your brand promise,  you stop listening to focus groups only, you know the financial impact of your decisions, you get the cash flow right…you reinvent your technologies and tools…

This is UnRisk. I'm proud that it matters, that it's different in many aspects, that we got out of the niche, that it has a bright future…I'm part of the project.

Over time, the project world has changed. Tools make development, deployment and marketing of products that are based on quantitative theories and technologies cheaper. But, because it's now easier to get (everybody) straight to market, we need to find our own internal compass…

The trick is to represent the project.