Me On UnRiskInsight - A Roundup

What has touched me…from economics, finance and technology…

There's no such thing as an abstract program…is the major idea of the Constructor Theory - A New Fundamental Theory of Physics…about impossible tasks because of computational limits.

New promises of the Artificial Intelligence community…Cognitize - The Future of AI?…as AIs develop, as extension of IQs, we need to keep them consciousness-free.

Standardization is great, but it can have unintended consequences…Don't Ride the Waves of Standardization Blind…on the regulatory regime of central clearing of derivatives and its market impact.

More about traps of centralization and standardization…The Antifragile System Concept…about decentralization, agility, diversification, trust…options

About the big joke of big data…5 Reasons Why It's Hard Working In The Data Salt Mines…don't build business intelligence system by data driven methods only.

Think hybrid

We've fantastic technologies, frameworks and tools at hand, but we seem to love one-size-fits-all selections.

But solving complex problems need often more: hybrid approaches. Constructive and evolutionary methodologies, models intelligently combined with data driven methods, symbolic and numerical computation, hybrid programming in languages that are fit or the purpose.

Technology trends influence the business principles of innovators. Their market risk is determined by many exogenous end endogenous factors…an individual compass is indispensable.