The Amazing UnRisk - How We Decided the Agenda for 2014

The most exciting experience in my business life: working as world-wide business developer for UnRisk (the UnRisk consortium)

UnRisk is not just a product for quantitative finance, it is a promise. It is innovation from a place that is not so obvious. It is result of a transformation of cross-sectoral mathematics into quant finance know-how packages.

A short story of being lucky:

1997 - Convertible bonds valuation for a London-based trading desk of RBC
2001 - UnRisk PRICING ENGINE released
2002 - UnRisk wins a call for tender of the Austrian Central Bank
2004 - Model testing with a large Swiss bank
2006 - UnRisk FACTORY released
2009 - UnRisk Academy packages know how
2011 - UnRisk unleashes the programming power behind UnRisk
2012 - 11 years UnRisk Summit
2013 - UnRisk reinvented by newUnRisk

Over 100 financial institutions world-wide enjoy conserving capital, setting the stage for risk-informed investments, leverage technology and build quant finance skills with UnRisk know-how packages.

Each year we defined a compass and agenda for the next year. The focus for 2014: package and disseminate know-how.

In 2013 we released UnRisk engines 7 and FACTORY 5, we bundled the FACTORY/VaR Universe with UnRisk-Q and finished a newUnRisk pre-release. We set up the CVA/FVA/DVA project together with featured customers and Andreas Binder (UnRisk CEO) and Michael Aichinger (both heads of the UnRisk Academy) wrote A Workout in Computational Finance, published by Wiley.

But we decided this is not enough: we will provide even more and deeper views behind the curtain - providing full explanations on the essence, benefits and limits of numerical schemes, critical implementations and multi-language, high-performance programming.

In seminars and workouts - starting with a free workout on 30-Jan-14 in London. The UnRisk Insight Blog will provide a Mathematics Wednesday and Physics Friday and in Q2-14 we start with the online UnRisk magazine. Wit even more insight into the making and using UnRisk - but also our ideas and opinions on general ideas and trends.

It is our strong believe that the coming context age requires new concepts, technologies and know-how.

The UnRisk consortium is highly committed to serving customers individually, whilst driving generic technologies. It is wholly independent and the top management is responsible for client and partner relations.

We have built something so amazingly strong.

I am over 65 and most happy to give uni software plus into "young hands" (Michael Aichinger) mid 2014. But I am pleased to continue working for UnRisk (Andreas and Michael) as EXNeR Advice.

UnRisk is a reference for my experiences and offers. If you are interested (and not an UnRisik competitor!) contact me.