Wolfram Technology Seminar 2014 Austria

I just returned from a great event.

This was the announcement and schedule. This was the fantastic venue. An impressive wooden cupola hall.

80+ people came to learn about the latest version of a great technology stack for knowledge-based development. The technology is described here.

The speakers told the great story about the Wolfram technologies as enablers of cascades of technology and product development…culminating in a great solution for a real multi physics system modeled in a drag-and-drop environment with comprehensive simulation capabilities.

The technology stack provides symbolic computation, numerics, semantic data frameworks, machine learning, dynamic visualization…techniques for transformative development.

Summarizing, the event was about task oriented, domain specific, declarative…development the bottom-up fashion.

I recall my factory automation time…I could have made much better systems much swifter…and saved enormous money. Only, if I think of the new geometric modeling system combining constructive solid geometry, bounded geometry, mesh generation…

It was never so easy to innovate technically.