Is This The Best I Can Do?

In search of perfection, we often ask ourself "Is it the best our team can do?" -  and usually the answer is "yes", but it would be stupid to think we were done and settle. No, we need to disrupt ourselves ...

But, what about myself? I am not a soloist, but my responsibility is business development, strategic marketing, marketing and promotion mix development... I ask this quite often, but I cannot give the answer myself.

My personal motivations and attitudes:

Committing to honest communication - this is the only way to start business partnerships. It includes makers, clients, re-marketing partners. My fear of shifting the status quo is bigger than the inconvenience of addressing a "challenge" to potential buyers, partners and friends.

Put energy in conversation - makers are passionate about their methodologies and technologies. Why should we just tell what we do and hide how we do it?

Listen to clients and focus group orientations - but not be a slave. We like to make deadlines of our clients, but not to continuously make the urgent before the important.

Develop and maintain a culture  - I want to be clear about what is important, where we are good at and what we do not like or cannot do. It is indispensable for knowing how we want to shift our business borders.

Our products and services shall tell a story about us.