Development Principles Revisit

The contextual age and technologies, the emergence of smart connected things and processes, the need to quantify more...force innovators finding new abstractions, automation and better user-system interplay…

This is what you should think of:

Develop evolutionary - Evolutionary development cycles will motivate developers and empower constant feedback

Let technology revolutionize workflows - Integrated model and demonstration building will help explaining complex concepts to non experts

Establish a bank of innovation - A lab to design, analyze and fund innovations will boost dynamism for transformative development

Build a technology stack and get the tools required - Enhance your platform and workbench to build a variety of products and solutions atop

Organize a fast path from lab to market - Remove deployment obstacles and close the client feed back loop

Support rule breakers - New approaches, methodologies and technologies will help to solve progressive problems

Think in development cities - Establish teams who do everything from development, deployment to services. Let developers communicate with clients and actors via the underlying theories, models, methods and technologies

This development principles will help you building big things with a comparatively small outfit.