Work More With Artists

Innovators do lab work…searching for a breakthrough, new ways to design, produce, manage, market.... The factory, strives for rationalization…do things of yesterday better, faster and cheaper today. It's difficult to do factory and lab work simultaneously. Factory work often rules out innovation.

But, as an innovator and innovation advisor I wasn't completely resistant fighting uncertainty by rationalization...make more with less.

For many years now, I co-operate with Hermann Fuchs. He, a macro-economist by education, runs a financial controlling advisory firm. His core competency embraces real options…but he's also doing picture carving arts: see Sehfelder

I'm not an artist. But I believe that creativity is a skill that can be learned to some extent. And I believe thinking like artists help us to be innovative and come up with new ideas.

Is there something, like an artists tool kit? Maybe. But more important, they
  • take risk
  • work under uncertainty
  • deal with imperfection
  • deal with critics
  • develop a space where they fill their creations in
Beside the project work Hermann and I meet quite frequently to just shake things up without being bound to concrete projects...