Don't Do It Alone

If I you force me to put all my experiences into one controlling idea…a few word recommendation for innovators…drumroll... Don't do it alone.

Remember, you want to make systems that matter for those who care.

Don't develop alone

In an agile development cycle you should cooperate to master the complexity of a multi-strategy, multi-model and multi-method system that is inherently parallel, multi-language and platform agnostic…We never had better environments, platforms and tools to manage development by dislocated teams (of different disciplines and skills).

Don't market alone

You want to change. That needs early connections and alliances.  This goes far beyond co-operation in agile development cycles. Find system integrators, re-marketers and other recognized voices who speak for your project in early stages of your development.

When you innovate you choose yourself…and if you're connected, people need you. It's so simple, but it took me years and many disappointments to understand it: Don't Do it alone.