Tracking Flows

The workflow is created by tasks and the system/subsystems are created by workflows. In The Quant Innovation Spreadsheet. The columns Point of View | Timing | Actors concern the innovation flow and continuity.

The workflows are usually dealing with "object" changes by internal "actors", whilst the innovation as a whole usually needs user guidance. This is why I distinguish between Point of View (who is it for and how do this "see" the innovation) and actor (who drives it through the processes).

From a more detailed description I can see whether the flows are logically sound, the timing and synchronization points are right…

All in the light of the Time Type. 

The Quant Innovation Spreadsheet is the place to keep track of the flows and look for possible break points that can sabotage the innovation.

If we take UnRisk CM the risk management workflows are often scheduled for automated over night calculation…market data import…model recalibration…VaR calculations…back tests... and the system  must be fast enough to repeated the process if something goes wrong and enable the managers to make some extra tests before they, say, report anomalies to the regulatory bodies…

Tracking flows is about deconstruction the movements and relate them to object and data flows and timing.

As mentioned earlier, I use The Quant Innovation Spreadsheet to walk through The Quant Innovation Mesh on a macro level. The birds view.

This will lead to a (slightly changed) release of The Quant Innovation Mesh for UnRisk Capital Manager.

But most important, I see the much more detailed picture behind and understand much better that this is a great innovation that works and sells.

And I know that I don't need quantitative information, like number of functions, tasks…or lines of code.

We've recently released a brand-new UnRisk Quant product.

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What if interest rates stay negative?
How low can they go?
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The majority isn’t always right - but there’s no magic
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A good time to change to UnRisk
It’s multi-model suite manages all interest rate regimes
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after we've applied The Innovation Mesh diagnosis tools.