The Lens of The Innovation Marketer

We've reviewed the fundamentals of quant innovations (constructors, progressive problems, solutions) and its units (functions, tasks, workflows, subsystems and the innovation as a whole).

Now i go back to the very beginning - the motivation why I want the help of The Innovation Mesh scheme: What I Do.

Provided, I'll review, advise marketing…sell (for) a quant innovation...
With the background of The Quant Innovation Mesh I start with a table…in order to provide the innovator with a quick feedback.

Its columns are

Tasks | Events | Changes | Points of View | Timing | Actors | Worldview | Realization

Having filled out that table I can walk through The Quant Innovation Mesh from left to right and the top to the bottom explaining the details and extending…

If I put the table into a spreadsheet and weight the criteria, I could use the information of The Innovation Mesh for a special innovation to rate them, I'd get a total score?! I prefer the qualitative....

In the near future, I'll fill out the table for UnRisk Capital Manager.