How Long Can Faster, Lighter, Thinner…Be Innovative?

Early this week, I experienced the Apple keynote on my iMac. It's amazing, how perfect its was staged again.

Apple wants to make things for those, who see things differently. Again and again and again…

In search of perfection?

And this made me brooding. Industrial work does what it did yesterday tomorrow, but faster, preciser, thinner, smaller, bigger, ... cheaper. Only at the lab we are striving to find a breakthrough, new ways to solve new problems, and do new things.

The "new MacBook" (presented at the beginning of the show) is lighter and more compact…consequently thinner…its better? Is this important for those who see things differently?

Then the Apple Watch...

A Watch is not a tool

Apple Watch. I don't wear a watch, because there are watches all around.

I own the WATCH by Femming Bo Hansen. It's minimalist. It's represented at the Museum of Modern Art, NY. And, what a shame, I have put it into a drawer...

A watch is not a tool - it clocks our life.

A computer is not a tool either

Hold on, Apple Watch is a computer on a wrist, and a computer is not a tool either - it is a universal machine to build tools for many usages.

When computational things become smaller, connectivity become more important. Years ago, Sun said: the network is the computer. And now we have entered the "cloudy" days.

But still, front-end devices become smaller and more intelligent.

However, one of the challenges for a "wrist computer" is the interaction paradigm…that at the other hand - if solved adequately - enables

New uses

It seams Apple wants to take the watch to occupy new market segments, like Health, Fitness...By making things computational they can provide better real time advice. If you are running, bicycling, climbing…you don't want to wear a tablet computer o a bigger than bigger smartphone, in a race you want to optimize your risk: go to the limit but not across…based on dynamic information…

Summarizing, I think, this Apple announcement is still underestimated. It may be the begin of making massive information computational on a very small scale.

Wear a watch again?

No, I don't want to do all the things at Apple Watch that I do at my iP…s. I want computational support on my wrist…it will not even change my office life much…maybe I  just buy it to wear a watch again, after years…a watch that's style I can adapt…and use it's computational support as added value?

It will polarize the watch market more than any other...