Always Cooperate

If I've to describe all my experiences in a single controlling idea ... make a recommendation for innovators in a few words: Don't do it alone. Innovators want to make systems that matter for those who care. This isn't different in politics. It requires clever Focus-Stretch-Expand strategies. Therefore: always cooperate!

Don't develop alone

Only an agile development cycle driven by partners can master the complexity of a quantitative politics, applying multis-trategy, multi-model and multi-method systems. We never had better environments, platforms, and tools for development. But never before had international relations been so complicated and global civilization so complex. Never before have we had smart, connected things and processes. The complexity, however, consists not only in the large, but also in the small by free agents.

Complexity-politics requires a different way of thinking about politics itself. As a politics that constantly reengineers and recomputes itself.

Don't promote alone

Innovations must organize a change. Maybe systems need to fix, what they eventually broke. To promote a change requires early connections and alliances, going far beyond the cooperation in agile development cycles. It needs the support of recognized voices from politics, social affairs, economy, business administration, culture, education, science, media ... best integrators who can speak for the project in the early stages.

An innovation chooses itself. But it will be only adopted when it becomes connected and integrated.

My offer

I want to offer an open platform serving a quantitative politics community. Inviting members to think ideas further, transforming them into projects, discuss related topics… Unser. It starts in German, but I hope to make it international.

What it is all about: build a politics that works. Make parts of it computational, develop a political discourse language that can be implemented… Think of political engineering as the design of institutions that represent programmable rules. This will represent the new physics of geopolitics and global economics better.

My Offer - I've worked hard to explain complicated things, worked out the required details and included some project ideas… My offer is a platform with book.