Reaction-Convection-Diffusion Marketing

The reaction-convection-diffusion model is one of the most frequently used models in science, engineering…and quant finance. It describes how the concentration of something distributed in a medium changes under the influence of reaction, convection and diffusion. It's a partial differential equation.

In a nutshell, reaction is a process that results in a conversion of something, convection refers to a movement of something in a medium, diffusion is the movement of something from a situation of high concentration to a situation of a uniform distribution. Obvoiusly, the names come from phenomena in physics, chemistry…but, some derivative pricing and risk models, like interest rate models, are represented as reaction-convection-diffusion equations as well.

The big picture of marketing

I borrow this principle…for marketing an innovation project to (innovator's) organizations, partners…clients.

You have an idea of an innovative project…you need to convince peers, investors, potential clients…how can you get them to understand, accept and integrate? Its marketing. And it's abut answering key questions.

Reaction - how much does your innovation require behavioral change? To what extent are those changes in disagreement with the worldview of your target groups? Is the story of your innovation (not so much the facts) so compelling that you can minimize the mismatch that effected the acceptance of the change?

Convection - is your innovation demanding to be talked about? Do your ideas spread with your target groups without your interventions?

Diffusion - do you bring your core ideas to early adopters and empower them to to move through the organizations to the majority?

No, I don't strive for a marketing theory of everything. And yes, in the details internal and external marketing need different actions…and no, I'll not try to create a RCD PDE model for innovation marketing.

But, I want to persuade you to walk through this questions carefully, before you decide for measures of operational marketing (down to promotion).

This post has been inpired by Seth Godin's marketing to the organization