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This post has again been inspired by Shawn Coyne's Blog

The process of assessing an innovation can be overdone. Especially when it's driven by essentialism or perfection. There's no metrics and things change rapidly…and many innovations are about the new for the now.

So, if I walk an innovation through a scheme, say, I'm Innovationmeshing systems like Opexar, after UnRisk,  I do most probably come to a point where I hit a barrier. It's a bad "I shouldn't have started this" moment. Stuck in an underwood? Or just weeds?…What to do? Shall I just stop go back and seek a new path? Or fly out?...Shall I improve The Innovation Mesh and start again?…or just "burn" the barrier down?

Real option valuation isn't identical with financial option valuation…real options and their underlyings are usually not traded…

It's so many possible directions, where am I on my assessment map?

My Personal Navigation System

Why I'm innovationmeshing UnRiskOpexar...?  

They're quant systems that are solutions and development systems in one…First I want to test my tools and then I want to use the insight and results to help innovators in the field of business and finance leverage their businesses.

What shall reference Innovation Meshes be fore?

They're results of the assessment tool applications and shall show innovators how those, who attack complex problems in certain fields make thrillers…building systems that are solutions and development systems in one.

With reference I do not mean "popular" but "great"

 Who do Innovation Meshs benefit?

Innovators, innovation marketers, marketing advisors (my competitors), investors, public innovation program developers, politicians…Understanding innovation is a skill.

Where to go?

First, I'll do more lab work assessing existing innovations and publish results in agreement with the innovators. Then, I'll improve The Innovation Mesh schemes and tools and publish further insight and results.

When will it be finished?

I feel that I'm quite close focusing on the segment of above: business and finance / quant innovations that are solutions and development systems in one.

But, because I'm confident that the principles are valid for other quant innovations (in engineering, automation…) there's more work to do. So much, that I can't do it alone.