The Core Questions an Innovation Marketer Asks

To remind ourselves, why we do all that analysis, I put the core questions an innovation marketer may ask to identify problems and how to fix them.
  • What's the type?
  • What are the conventions, rules, state of the art for the type?
  • What's the point of view?
  • What are the desires, requirements, needs?
  • What are the controlling ideas, methods and technologies?
  • What are the Constructors, Builds and Payoffs?
  • What are the potentials for Co-creation or Co-marketing?
We all sense that power is shifting in the world. Goliaths are topped by Davids…new products and services range from networked systems to things that are cognitized (as things where electrified in the last centuries).

A new power also gains its force from people's growing desire and capacity to participate in the innovation beyond consuming, sharing, shaping, funding, making, co-owning…

This is how I work when helping develop a business for an innovation. Only when I deeply understand its purposes and principles, I can apply marketing and sales approaches like solution-access-value-education marketing mixes, insight selling

We know now enough to conclude our types for

UnRisk Capital Manager is Realistic, Real-Time, Documentary, MultiFlow, Financial Market Risk Management, (empowered by) a HPC Valuation and Data Factory

UnRisk Quant is Idealistic, Off-Time, Literary, SingleFlow, Financial Market, Credit and Model Risk Analytics, (empowered by) Financial Language implemented by multi-model, multi-method Engines

This makes it clear (to me) that a risk manager in a capital management firm clicks a button, or schedules a task to quantify the risk of portfolios (funds) putting out the result before at a certain time, whilst a quant may program a high-level cross-asset risk management process for, say, an institutional investor checking out the best model-method combinations for the instruments, constructing portfolios, calculating VaRs, applying the rules for a central counterpart regime...

Remark, both products utilize the same technology stack that includes the UnRisk Financial Language implemented by UnRisk Pricing, Calibration, Value at Risk, Counter Party Exposure Modeling…Engines, Data Frameworks, UnRisk Services, UnRisk Deployment Systems…

What may be surprising…a similar architecture has been successfully applied to a process-through modeling and quality management system in a complete different field: hot rolling of high quality steel plates. It's about inline evaluation of process properties that lead to quality (risk). And, at the micro level, the underlying equations are not so different. The dominating point of view is Analytics and Control. That's it.

It's my strong belief that the coverage of The Innovation Mesh is broader, but in the next contributions I'll focus on quantitative applications where programming plays an important role.

It's my objective to present a scheme helping to systematize an assessment. I call it The Quant Innovation Mesh. The scheme will not ask for scores but it shall motivate thinking about the external and internal values and risks.

To do this we need to look a little deeper into the innovation's Wants, Hows and Needs. Whether there's a big Delivery? What are Controlling Ideas? Does it offer a Set-Up, Build, PayOff movement?

Maybe, I'll sketch a scheme in the next post and go from there?