The Big Takeaway from Innovations in a Connected World

In the past many pioneers, explorers, innovators…took the arrows and the followers, settlers…took the land.

Apple was a pioneer in personal computers, but Dell and others settled the land. Xerox introduced the GUI…it has to do with the Kübler-Ross change curve, eager sellers and stony buyers principle, the investor psychology swinging from optimism back to pessimism, the loss aversion (Kahneman)…the pioneer finds the attractive place in the jungle but the settlers build the fence in a relative save place…see risk of the jungle.

But, with the emergence of smart connected things…pioneers, explorers, innovators…may take the land and the followers, the rent?

In order to leapfrog when they were behind (DVD for iMacs was not ready) Apple introduced iTunes...

So, innovators do not only need to know whether their innovations works, what's it for, what it needs…but how it will sell in a (even small) connected world. What's its big takeaway for individuals and the network as a whole?