The Beauty of Code - The Code of Beauty

I just returned from my cross country skiing vacation. Optimizing risk was easy this time. Warm weather reduced the snow so drastically that only a one kilometer skating track remained conserved by the organizers of the Nordic combined world cup event that took place the previous weekend. The track was easy with only little volatility. Happy that I could run at all and I concentrated on stabilizing my technique...

The post title is the subtitle of Vikram Chandra's book Geek Sublime.

I recalled, that I read Chandra's first great novel Red Earth and Pouring Rain years ago (in German) when I found his new book among the Wired best science books 2014 and of course, I will buy this one.

Coders, as writers, search for elegance and style…but there's more. Programming, as writing, is about language and its semantics - in programming the semantics is operational, but also in literature something must happen…And it is vital to think about everything in advance.

In what we can learn from great book editors and authors I've presented my motivation to assess the value of innovation projects by The Innovation Mesh. And not so surprisingly, it works well applied to projects in quantitative fields that always involve programming.

In future posts, I'll delve into the special types (time, realty, structure, style, matter).