Cyber-Physical Systems

Three lessons for the modern (consumer) product design…through the lens of a non-designer…rough thoughts, quickly cooked.

Unite the digital and physical - some cars are supported by millions lines of code already. But they can become even smarter supporting drivers by "seeing" and reacting better…before they take over completely. Why not bicycles and many other things…

Unite new looks and utility  - technologies enable us to create personalized, adaptive arrangements for various life situations…emphasize on the beauty of light - not lamps…There are many arrangements in our daily life that become beautiful because of a great visual, audio…functionality.

Put performance into the detail - we can put little computers into many things. They can have clever operating systems and programming environments. What's possible in an iPad should be possible in a smart kitchen aid…

You can prototype the future by taking existing technology and link it to equipment you want to arrange to something new?

But, there's also modeling and simulation software for cyber-physical systems - the SystemModeler for example.