UnRisk Academy - A Brand Promise On Its Own

In the recent post I have outlined how we decided the 2014 Agenda and the focus on packaging and dissemination know how.

The UnRisk Academy has been established to extend product use training with course, seminars and workouts giving full explanations quantitative theories, mathematical schemes and critical implementations.

And we positioned it from the beginning as an independent business unit within UnRisk. With an own compass, strategic marketing and brand promise.

In our understanding a brand promise is not a collage of design items, artworks and messages - it is about expectations, permissions and knowledge. A permission to deliver to individuals and groups, who care and who would miss us, if we did not deliver. We may arm competitors, but nobody can take away our knowledge, experience and the commitment to share them.

We think that quants are forced to work like, but are not supported as, startups.

It is part of our open innovation strategy to deliver the support.

There is a great return

To my opinion it is gaining and sharing knowledge, involving other parties when developing new products and technologies  and combining internal and external ideas in the flow from research to packaging.

The Workout in Computational Finance in London is a reference class of the UnRisk Academy.

In future posts, I will point out how the UnRisk regime of innovation works and what role the UnRisk Academy plays.