News From UnRisk

UnRiskers have relaunched their home page. It's now presenting the orthogonality of solutions, products and the technology stack even clearer.

You know that I find this a reference for quantitative innovations that work and sell. A technology stack that leverages the transformative development of products and solutions. UnRisk technologies are multi (programming) language, inherently parallel and platform agnostic. They combine symbolic programming with the most advanced numerical techniques and enable to co-build, co-create and co-evolute new things with an unprecedented low effort…

UnRisk Omega a reference

UnRisk Omega is the co-creation of multilateral and UnRisk. It's all about risk-informed investment management. It's computing millions of prices and risk spectra on a scalable grid to support investment decisions and with its tablet font-end it goes where its users go.

To me UnRisk Omega is a reference for the intelligent combination of computational knowledge and context technologies.