Are You Ready?

You've a great new idea, a project worth funding…something that can't be rejected?  Would you believe me, that this is not enough? To get the attention, your belief, even your proof, isn't sufficient?

You've made something that matters…but you need to reach those, who care.

A new power gains its force from people's growing desire and capacity to participate in an innovation beyond consuming…by sharing, shaping, funding, co-owning…Knowing your (real) options will help you earning the attention and trust you need…from people who need your innovation, but even more important you.

I've now spent half a year to build The Innovation Mesh now at version 2.1. And I spent days to understand the interdependence of macro and micro Wants and Needs…building the spin and the spinal cord of your innovation…

I'm helping quant innovators optimize their market risk…accelerate time to market…and the impact you're making in your markets.

Are you ready for a challenge? Here are my coordinates. Send me an e.mail…we'll find out quickly whether it's worth continuing...