Innovation - Revolution of Heroes or Heroes of Revolution?

I like music from all directions (from John Adams to John Zorn). Who are the innovators in music?

Examples from Jazz.

What was it that so many great musicians played, say, Bebop (Dizzy Gillepie, Charly Parker, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Max Roach...), Free Jazz (Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor...), Loft Jazz (Anthony Braxton, Arthur Blythe, Julius Hemphill, David Murray, Sam Rivers…) … or those around John Zorn (improvised music, hardcore, klezmer-oriented free jazz…)?

A coincidence of talented artists at a time?  Or are artists motivated to join a revolution - and share their best work?

I believe the latter is true.

Technology revolutions make heroes

Paradigm shifts expose the work of those attracted by the change opportunities.

In quant fields, in particular, we need to "lift" methodological concerns to more abstraction and modeling and to a meta-level of  domain engineering.

How to integrate requirements  engineering and software design? How do we achieve abstraction and modeling, handle more general issues of documentation and the required pragmatics?

By new programming paradigms, multi-model and method approaches, advanced numerical engines, data frameworks for massive data treatment, computable documents…universal deployment services. Build solutions and development systems in one.

And don't forget the building blocks inducing the attractiveness (differential advantage) of  your innovation: constructors, progressive problems, solutions in preprocessing, processing, post processing…that your users may need to choose the best bad solution (in a crisis) and that a climax may be the answer to a crisis. Lead them to the solution, but let them choices…

p.s. Wildflowers is my reference recording for Loft Jazz