Mathematica 10 is Released

It adds 700+ new functions and introduces a host of new areas, like machine learning (an area uni software plus is working in for more than 20 years), computational geometry and device connectivity, but most important -Mathematica 10 is the first version based on the complete.

It connects Mathematica  to the new Wolfram Cloud and has access to the full, newly expanded Wolfram Knowledge Base via the Wolfram Language, the language to program everything.

Think it. Build it.

Uni software plus is a Wolfram partner now for nearly 25 years.

Its business portfolio embraces the right packaging of Wolfram technologies, advanced training, as well as co-creating and co-building industry scale solutions and know how packages - always exploiting the latest Wolfram technologies. In areas like risk management, business intelligence, process and manufacturing automation, energy supply optimization, … applying  an intelligent mix of computational maths, machine learning, fuzzy logic, .. and advanced software engineering techniques.

The proven way to add value

is to do the difficult work. And this is the most exciting thing about Mathematica 10. It is the core of a portfolio of products based on a unified technology stack. This empowers developments in a bottom-up fashion - the only reasonable way to solve complex problems.

This enables comparatively small outfits, like uni software plus, to add value by systems that are fit for different purposes swiftly - by building cascades of symbolic, domain specific languages atop Wolfram Language, extending the Wolfram Engine into domain universes, exploit the deployment system …

UnRisk is built that way as well as other uni software plus partner solutions.

But there will be much more and I am proud to be an accepted partner.

No, Mathematica 10 is not yet another version …. it will change business principles.