Are You a Consortium for Computational Science in Sector - CCSS?

CCSS wants to serve this sector, by promoting the use of computational science, presenting the latest thinking and computational knowledge of this science and bring together academics and practitioners to further develop this ideas and share information, methods and tools? They offer membership providing benefits and resources for an annual subscription?

CCSS wants to shape the future of science through exploration, understating and action, providing expertise in managing and facilitating science-in-sector programs and partnerships.

CCSS is well organized and really happy with the number and structure of academic members but they have lamentable few sector members?

Some challenges I would address to CCSS

You offer things that really matter, but have you focussed on those who care?

Have you recognized that the most important question is not: "Are my subscriptions low enough and do I offer enough benefits and resources?", but "Do they trust us enough to believe our promises?"

Is CCSS presented to get picked or do you choose yourself to set the pace by maybe creating a new context in computational science for the sector?

What resources would enable you to get more sector members for higher subscription?

Do you offer an index or "menus" - asking potential members: "We have this - what do you want to use?" or "I recommend you this"?

Are you aware that members cannot pay you for doing them a favor?

It is vital to understand sponsorship - it might be a way to influence sponsor's internal organization.

Serving the sector community live and virtually

CCSS has its educational programs, research groups and conferences, ... but it may want to include online forums, blogs, magazine, online seminars, event board, bookstore, jobs board,  … and offer sponsor packages, ….

I really believe that such organizations become more important to drive research and open innovation in various sectors. In whatever science that has computational knowledge relevant for whatever sectors.

Many of them misunderstand that marketing and promotion is also important for non-profit organizations.